Hello, I'm Linda Fyen.
I like getting lost on my motobike.

I love motos. So much in fact, that it gave me a silly idea in 2015, like riding my very first motorcycle home from Italy to Sweden in two days all alone in late November, just a month after taking my licence with no prior experience. People told me it was stupid and crazy. But I REALLY wanted it. So I did it.

Since then I like riding my bike (and anything with a throttle, honestly). And screwing it. Then riding some more hoping my shameless passion and shenanigans will someday inspire someone to be a little more daring and a little less perfect. During my pit stops I find ways to abuse my creativity as a former artist combined with my obsessions through photography and a project soon to be announced, also offering services respectively to help keep me rolling in my quest to prove passion holds no bias. Anything can hinder me, but no one can stop me!


If you feel a compelling need to stalk me you can follow my adventures on Instagram. Or CONTACT me for a less discreet approach. Let's do stupid together!