In this action packed 3D shooter, you join the captain of a Cormorant class cruiser in a mission to neutralize the enemy. Take on your role as the captain's faithful navigator and feel your adrenaline rush as you take on rapid dog fights and massive space crafts with heavy fire power manoeuvred by the cheeky gunner. Make your way through three unique levels, feasting your eyes upon beautiful skyboxes, 3D models and a witty voice acted crew.

During our 10 weeks with a group of 23, we built models, props and backgrounds from scratch using no third party engines or assets.


Space Shooter. School Project. 10 weeks, half-speed.


7 Artists, 5 Programmers, 5 Level designers, 6 Technical Artists.

My contributions:

Ship concepts, Mockups, GUI designer and artist, Icons, Menus, Logo, Voice acting, Touch-ups.